The Hyprocrite

The Hypocrite is Jake Idris, a not-too-old-not-too-young guy from Manila, who believes that a man may be bad, evil, immoral, corrupt, obnoxious, and fat; but he may still preach what is good and what is right, what should be and how things ought to be, what must be done and what can be done, what is healthy and what is sexy.

"Criticism is a right not just of the angels."

History of his hypocrisy

Since birth? Probably. But as far as memory could reveal, he has had the reputation of blurting out his “unedited” opinions on anything and anyone since his primary school years. Some see them as defamation, some take them as constructive criticism (not quite sure with the second).

Why this blog was created

1. His thoughts on other stuff will look stupid in his adventure blog (Conquered! by Jake)
2. A Facebook status should only be 420 characters long.
3. To continue spreading the good news

What can be found in this site?

Hypocrisies, of course!

The Hypocrite will give unsolicited advice, opinions, random remarks, and condemnations criticisms like he is perfect as a god.

His favorite topics are politics, health, entertainment, and any random stuff that can be found on the streets.

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