Facebook addiction (or rather, dependence) is real…

… and so is the related withdrawal syndrome.

With all the confusing changes being done in Facebook and several security concerns, many have threatened the social media company that they will delete their accounts. Yet, the number of Facebook users, continue to increase.

Many probably did try to get to the edge of the cliff, but never actually jumped.

Like me.

Until last night when I finally did it.

The edge of the cliff

I just deactivated it, not deleted. (What’s the difference? Click here. There’s even a third term called “Memorializing.”)

Why I deactivated my Facebook account? Basta.

But one thing I can say, Facebook has a great emotional impact on me. I’m not exactly saying (although there must be some truth to this) that I got too personal with everyone and everything on Facebook. The greater effect, I guess, was that I got too personally attached to Facebook itself.

Just like a chain smoker, Facebook is my breakfast buddy, my pampalipas oras, and my stress buster.

This is the proof:

My mobile phone charges

Look how the data usage (green line) fluctuates similarly compared to the total cost (blue line) per billing period.

Why I am going back (after 24 hours only)

1. It’s not easy to quit Facebook. At least for me. (Arte!) Like any other types of dependence, quitting has to be slow and systematic.
2. Twitter is boring?
3. Twitter is boring!

Just how it really felt to be detached from Facebook?

♫Tulala sa isang tabi
at di mapakali
ating nakaraan


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