Mall security measures more strictly absurd?

For the past weeks, we’ve seen in the news two incidents of shooting inside two different branches of Shoemart (SM) – one by a beleaguered wife to an allegedly cheating husband and a rescuing security guard and another by a minor gay lover to an older-yet-still-minor boyfriend (also accused of cheating).

Read the stories below:
Hell hath no fury: Abandoned wife kills 2 in mall shooting
2 minors in SM Pampanga shooting pass away

As a result, malls have once again tightened their security measures by installing stricter bag checks (thus longer cues).

In Ayala malls, I still don’t get the idea of those metal detectors. They beep, they flash red lights, but the guards don’t seem to care what those mean. And I don’t personally know what those signals mean. Or will the detectors automatically electrocute a person who carries a weapon?

In SM Ayala, there are two layers of security check. Upon entry, a guard will perform the classic poking of bags with wooden magic wand stick. The security guards still don’t check other pockets that may contain weapons. After that, another guard will run a handheld metal detector on your pants and feel your pockets and waist with their bare hands.(What if the weapon is hidden on the crotch area?)

But those measures by Ayala and SM are nothing compared to Landmark: they’ve hired Naruto (who performs the Shadow Clone Tecnique before going to work).

Checking bags does not require a lot of chakra.


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