I’m qualified to judge in the UAAP cheerdance competition

Either I have the “vision” or I’m good at cheerdancing that I was able to determine who would or should win in UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2011.

My fearless forecast right after the performance of UST. I didn't bother watching UE.

And the results?

2nd Runner-up: Far Eastern University

Basta ok naman performance nila. ‘Yun na ‘yun. 🙂

1st Runner-up: De La Salle University

(I couldn’t find a video of DLSU’s performance in YouTube. Well, I couldn’t blame the Lasalistas. They didn’t expect this. No one did.)

Update: Someone actually had faith on DLSU. Finally, here’s the vid of their performance:

And I still couldn’t believe DLSU’s performance. For the past years (and decades, I guess), they only performed just “to represent their university.” But this year, they actually showed the audience that for the longest time, they wanted to win.

They did get the second place.

The champion –


The best thing about the University of the Philippines, not just in cheerdance competitions, is that they don’t restrict themselves with the usual. They continue to reinvent and show something new, even if others would see them as weird or jologs.

Thus, they always stand out.

The fourth seed

I am a proud Thomasian (college). I’ve always believed in the excellence of the Salinggawi Dance Troupe, but I guess the current members of the group do not have the same brilliance in cheerdancing and creativity compared to the ones that brought glory to UST a few years back (when I was still in college).

And I’m telling this with all objectivity.

I miss the spine-chilling thrill that the Salinggawi used to give me.


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