Chef Laudico’s BFast serves pugon-THAWED chicken

This article is a repost of the original from Conquered by Jake.

I promise to give the fairest review for this hellhole carinderia in Ayala Triangle (Yes, this credit card-accepting carinderia is located alongside kinda-pricey food shops like Bannaple, CBD, Kanin Club, etc.; at the heart of the posh Makati Central Business District. The nerve!).

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where the waiter who, at the middle of attending to your orders, would, without excusing himself properly, suddenly go to another table and entertain other guests? Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast Ayala Triangle. They’re good at that!

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where the waiter could not give you an estimate of how long your orders will take and instead, just raise his palm in front of you as in telling “you just wait”? Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast Ayala Triangle. They seem to have mastered that skill!

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where dessert is served first before the main course (and by “first”, I mean 30 minutes before)? Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast. Bloody good service!

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where rice is served cold and almost tutong-like? Well, the rice was not really burnt, but it felt like it has been exposed to dry air for almost an hour. That kind of dryness. Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast Ayala Triangle. Totally awesome!

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where chicken is so desiccated you’d think it was blow-dried before being served? Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast Ayala Triangle. Hmmmm! Mouth-watering!

Here comes the best part about Chef Laudico’s BFast!

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where the chicken they call “Pugon (brick oven)-roasted Chicken” is served, after 35 minutes of waiting, COLD? Bloody hell! I LOVED IT!

Because I know you also love cold chicken, I reckon you would ask how cold? Let me put it this way:

When my pugon-roasted chicken came, I was very thankful for their “fast, efficient, and customer-centered service”. (-_-)W I was already really hungry by then, so I just ate it.

Considering that the chicken “had been (supposedly) inside a red-hot pugon for more than half an hour, the surface of the chicken was not that hot. Warm was the better word.

How warm? Touch and feel your armpit, that warm.

Ok, as I was savoring the juices [(-_-)W] of the pugon-roasted chicken, I sliced a small chunk of the meaty part at the middle of the breast of that fowl. Then I took that morsel to my mouth.

Voila! The coldest chicken I ever tasted! DDDDDDDeeeelicious!

Awed, I poked my finger into the chicken to confirm if it was really cold. I even asked my office mate to also do the same. Confirmed: served in cold freshness.

So in my extreme euphoria over that really great food (I know you could imagine how big my smile was), I took the plate and brought it to the waiter.

I told him, “How did you cook this chicken? It was so cold, it was great!”

He replied, “Thank you, sir. I am happy that you appreciated our food.”

[The real conversation:

Me: Pa’no n’yo to niluto?
Waiter: Sa pugon po.
Me: Kelan n’yo to niluto?
Waiter: Ngayon lang, sir.
Me: E bakit malamig?
Waiter: Ho?
Me: Subukan mo.
Waiter (touched the skin of the chicken): Malamig po.
Me: Hindi ganyan, idutdot mo ‘yung daliri mo sa loob pa ng manok.
Waiter (poked his finger to the chicken): Malamig nga po.
Me: How did you cook this?
Waiter: In the brick oven.
Me: When did you cook this?
Waiter: Just this noon, sir.
Me: Then why is this cold?
Waiter: I’m sorry?
Me: Try it.
Waiter (touched the skin of the chicken): It’s cold.
Me: Not like that, push your finger into the meat.
Waiter (poked his finger to the chicken): It’s really cold.


He took the plate and asked the kitchen staff to have it re-heated. Wow.]

Whoever wrote this title surely has never tried it.

So, let me repeat.

Do you want to eat in a restaurant where the chicken they call “Pugon-roasted Chicken” actually felt like “straight-from-the-freezer, pugon-THAWED chicken”?

Eat at Chef Laudico’s BFast Ayala Triangle. Perfect! Seventh heaven! Splendid! Wow! Forget that roasted chicken you tasted in a five-star hotel! Come to Chef Laudico’s BFast!

Oh, by the way. According to Chef Laudico’s BFast actually offers “all-day breakfast menu” and fans of that kind of menus and of Chef Laudico’s food “may have new reasons to wake early in the mornings”.

So that could be the reason for its chicken’s cold awesomeness. Dishes are cooked in the morning, to be served the entire day and re-heated when ordered by a customer. Just a hunch. Any confirmation on this?

If there’s anything that I need to commend about this crap, that would be its staff’s initiative not to include my pugon-roasted chicken in the bill. (I was actually hoping that they put it in the bill and this review would have been much better.)

Also, their halo-halo was nice. Not too sweet. Not too many halo. The ice was finely crushed. The leche flan was ok. I didn’t like the ice cream topping, though. Priced similarly to Razon’s, the latter is much, much better tasting.

Pugon-roasted chicken – PHP 168 (USD 3.96)
Halo-halo (sexy size) – PHP 98 (USD 2.31)

The verdict:

Food: 0 / 5
Service: 0 / 5
Price: 0 / 5 (for the chicken); 2 / 5 (for the halo-halo)
Ambience: 2 / 5
Location: 4 / 5
Healthy: 2 / 5
Will go back? (–)’ << see this face? (_0_) << and this?


We didn’t give any tip. But as a reward for their service, I dumped some of my halo-halo under the table, stood the halo-halo glass upside down, and spattered the gravy on the table. (Your welcome, Bfast. My pleasure.)


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  1. Laudico should shut this shithole down! Putanginang kapangit pagkain dito!

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