Asshole bus driver of Jell Transport

Commonwealth, Quezon City 8pm / August 8, 2011 – I was on a jeepney. A passenger told the driver to pull over near the overpass in front of the UP-Ayala Technohub.

A bus of Jell Transport was on that side of the road, about to swerve to the left and almost collided with the jeep I was on. I believe it was the jeepney driver’s fault. Probably he wasn’t looking to his right. The jeepney driver didn’t apologize to the bus driver.

If I were the bus driver, I would get irritated, too; but I would not confront the jeepney driver. That would be very childish. Besides, nothing happened to my bus. No scratch. The two vehicles didn’t even touch each other.

The bus driver did not confront the jeepney driver. He drove the bus forward, yet slowly.

The jeepney was running well within the 60kph speed limit along Commonwealth. But after several seconds, before reaching the Central Temple of the Iglesia ni Cristo, the jeepney caught up with the bus.

Not exactly this bus.

That’s when the bus started swerving left and right, trying to block the jeepney. I was sitting on the bench on the left side of the jeepney, which the bus was “trying” to knock. I said “trying” because I didn’t think the bus driver was aiming to slam into the jeepney. It seemed it was just scaring the driver.

The jeepney driver drove faster to avoid the bus. But the bus driver drove faster, as well. What was a funny and childish wordless “argument” between the two drivers became a scary roller coaster ride along Commonwealth Avenue.

From Central Temple to Puregold, the bus swerved crazily left and right, driving definitely more than 60kph.

Then I got off the jeepney in front of Puregold. I saw an MMDA officer that called the attention of the bus driver. The bus stopped and the door opened. I don’t know what happened or what they talked about.

But just after less than five seconds, the MMDA officer let the bus go when there were clear traffic violations: driving beyond the speed limit and reckless driving.

By the way, Commonwealth Avenue is popularly known as a killer road not because it’s cursed or something, but because of asshole drivers and irresponsible traffic enforcers.

Body No. 4748
Plate No. TXV 284


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