Textmates, anyone?

In this age of social networking, I didn’t believe some people would still fish casual friends through texting.

Unknown Texter (UT): Hus dis?
Me: Who’s this too?
UT: Sorry, got a message with ur number in it.
Me: My number is in a message?
UT: Yeah. Nweys sorry for the hassle
Me: What’s the message about?
UT: A simple ‘musta, from some1 but wid several numbers
Me: OK. Just got curious.
UT: Nweys, wats ur name? Wru from? Wat do you do? Sorry dami q’s.

Someone texted him/her/it with a simple “musta” (hello) with several numbers in that message. Who’d do that? For what purpose?

And fix your spelling!

Anyone who wants to be this guy/girl/troll/animal/plant/dirt’s textmate, here’s his/her/its number:

+632 9178064754


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