Harry Potter, the boy who’ll live forever

… at least to those who practically grew up with him and his friends and foes.

Childhood memories

Wingardium Leviosa! – Who would forget that?

Watching the last Harry Potter movie felt so unreal. I mean, for the past 10 years, my life has been marked with the excited anticipation for the release of the next Harry Potter novel and movie adaptations. That’s about half of my earthly existence to this date!

To tell the truth, I was not a fan of the story at first. It was such a hype back in high school, and I’m the kind of person who generally doesn’t like what most people scream for.

Children’s books and stories about children don’t appeal to me, either.

But after I watched the first movie in 2001, for a reason I really don’t remember what, I got hooked and bought the first books.

I only bought the first 3 books and downloaded e-book version of the next novels. But soon, I'll complete the set.

Not just any Harry Potter books, but the ones from their original publisher, Bloomsbury. I wanted to read exactly how J.K. Rowling wrote it.

I became such a big fan that when some media releases announced sometime around 2005 that the producers may re-cast the film franchise, I actively participated in various online forums and campaigned against it. The producers, according to the news, thought that the story might lose some following if they see Harry Potter growing old (and hairy).

Why, doesn’t he supposed to grow in Hogwarts? Anyway, it’s all over now. Thank God the plan didn’t happen.

Speaking of “it’s all over now”, well, how am I supposed to react?

When I finished the 7th book years ago, I didn’t miss the story because I knew I’d still be waiting for two more movies (which became three when the last book was decided to be released in two parts).

Now, it’s really, really over. No more Harry Potter.

By the way, I also remember an absurd news eons ago that there was a “scene” in one of the Harry Potter series that was deleted by the editors because it depicted how Ron and Harry “explored” adolescence. I didn’t learn if it was true. I didn’t follow the news.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Not bad at all! For a series with eight installments, the Harry Potter franchise did very well. Most series die at third episode.

Experience has it that it’s pointless to check if the movie adaptations came close to the novels. If you did that, I’m sure no movie was ever good enough for you. Everything’s a disappointment.

I did realize that a movie adaptation wasn’t supposed to be a visual summary of the novel. The director has the right to, and should, interpret the novel in his own artistic way.

But even in that vista, I agree that the first movies did try to merely summarize the novels. They only picked the quote-unquote best scenes to portray. And that made the movies felt lacking.

This last movie was different. Truly epic.

The entire story was there. Of course, not all the events in the novel were presented in a three-hour film, but it felt complete. I was satisfied.

It was an all-out war!

I wouldn’t say that the performances of the actors deserve an Oscar, but their final appearances were memorable.

1. “Not my daughter, bitch!” – Mrs. Weasly killing Bellatrix
2. The Malfoys’ leaving behind Voldemort and the Death Eaters
3. Snape’s love for Lily Potter
4. Harry Potter finishing off Voldemort
5. McGonagall’s leadership and courage against Snape
6. Dumbledore’s “divine” plan
7. Neville Longbottom killing the last horcrux Nagini
8. Snape’s heroic death
9. Narcissa Malfoy’s lie to Voldemort

Photos are from RottenTomatoes.com

Save for Snape’s death, the movie gave those events and characters the justice they deserve. I thought the death of Snape could have been presented more heroically.

Also, unlike in previous movies, the characters had enough exposures in HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It’s not just about Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasly.

I love Maggie Smith!

Enough said. Watch the movie.

As for me, I think I’ll read the entire series all over again.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dursely, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, that you very much."

I’ll wait for the boxed set of the movie series and I promise to buy the original!

Finally, I’ll wait for Pottermore.com, which will be released some time in October, I guess.

Expecto patronum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. theveryhungrybookworm

    Lovely post! I tried so hard not to cry in public at the end of the movie, but when the couple next to me started bawling, I just lost it. I loved all of the moments you mentioned, especially Professor McGonagall.

  2. McGonagall was awesome! 😀

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