Bishops’ salvation, Juico’s damnation

By the process of lateral thinking, I respectfully move to investigate the source of the false report about the so-called “Pajero bishops,” when it turns out that no Pajeros were involved. Who is this maleficent twisted genius? Was this media spin designed to cover up the crime of depositing without authorization in a private bank the sum of P1.548 BILLION? Was this media spin further designed to call public attention away from the annual sum of some P 7.603 BILLION made available to the sticky fingers of the PCSO Board?

Like the wanton world-class theft of public funds and conspicuous consumption generated by the road user’s tax, the PCSO anomaly is bodaciously corrupt. Keep the bishops out of it. – Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Read the entire speech of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago here.

The Salvation

The “Pajero Bishops” brouhaha has been finally clarified during the Senate investigation:

1. There were no Pajeros or any other sports cars given to the Bishops out of the coffers of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
2. The funds were acquired by the bishops for valid reasons (i.e., for purposes of advancing medical and other charitable works).
3. The vehicles were registered to the bishops, not on their personal capacity, but as a corporate sole.
4. The vehicles are not luxury cars.

PCSO Chairman Margie Juico does not deny the above facts. Yet…

The Damnation

… she did not straighten out the facts.

Earlier, when asked by the honorable senators whether it was she who told the media that seven bishops received luxury cars or whether the PCSO Board lied about the issue, PCSO Chairman Margie Juico denied it. According to her, she never mentioned Pajero in her interviews.

All we had was the COA report. We never said Pajero.

She even dribbled the accusation to another PCSO official. But she doesn’t remember who it was.

Granting that she is telling the truth in this case, did she have the initiative to call at least one major media outfit to clarify what was actually in the audit report of the Commission on Audit? Did she correct the media reports when they coined the term “Pajero Bishops”?

No. She did nothing to correct the misinformation. She let the bishops drown in mud. She let the people throw sticks and stones to the bishops.

But then, this video from GMA News TV.

Nanghihinyang lang ako, sana naman ‘yung pondo ng PCSO na ginamit pambili ng Pajero, marami na sanang natulungan dun sa pondong ‘yun.

(I’m just disappointed, the PCSO funds that were used to buy Pajero could have already helped many people.)


On the other hand, she seemed to be enjoying the feeling of a hero, who exposed an embarrassing anomaly between the government and the church. Having the guts to imply the bishops are corrupt is simply heroic among the poor and the non-believers.

Do you remember how she started this issue as a blind item? She released the information little by little. She wanted the public’s interest to gain momentum, and when the people’s emotions turned into outrage, she finally named the bishops.

E kung palitan mo na lang si Cristy Fermin sa Juicy?

The Real Issue

The COA report mentioned that the money used to buy the vehicles given to the bishops was taken out of PCSO’s charity fund, which can only be tapped to finance medical missions

If that is the case, then why are we focusing the blame on the bishops? Is this not a corruption within the PCSO and among the members of its Board?

Hinahabol ng pusa ang daga, para hindi sya pagalitan ng amo nya ngayong ang pusa naman pala ang nakabasag ng plorera.


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