This morning, I didn’t see anyone smoking in public areas, EXCEPT…

Not him.

an MMDA officer. He wasn’t even doing it discreetly. Puff it proudly, baby!

He was with four other officers idling in front of Puregold Commonwealth branch. In fairness to the four other officers, they were not smoking.

I thought of taking a picture of that SOB in flagrante delicto (anyway, they don’t carry guns and he’s shorter than I am), but an empty jeep going to MRT station arrived. I needed to go to the office early this day.

Next time, I will try to take a picture of anyone smoking in public places. God, protect me.

Here’s what MMDA had to say on this:

MMDA implements smoking ban today

The smoking ban of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) begins today, July 1.

MMDA’s environmental protection officers wearing light green shirts and brown vests have been deployed to various points in Metro Manila to apprehend violators of the ban.

Under the ban, people caught smoking in prohibited areas such as bus terminals, waiting sheds, schools, hospitals, recreational places and inside public utility vehicles will be charged with a criminal case and penalized.

Fines range from P500 – P1,000 for the first offense, P1,000 – P5,000 for the second, and P10,000 for the third

I never saw any officer “wearing light green shirts and brown vests” along Commonwealth Avenue (Tandang Sora-Luzon Avenue areas), where it is always congested with commuters every morning.

5 stars for Starbucks. Smoking is not anymore allowed in Starbucks, even outside the airconditioned room. 😀

Strict, eh?


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