Duterte wins by KO (a blow-by-blow account)

Pacquaio will have a night of thinking whether to retire or face a brawler.

Duterte vs. Andres

Duterte approaches.

Duterte throws her deadly right hand!

Duterte punches Abe smack in the face!

No record of her reach, but analysts say it could be 74 inches - an inch longer than Pacquiao's.

Here's the second throw!

Andres cringes!

Duterte wants more.

Here’s the video.

The Real Score

Davao City Regional Trial Court (Branch 15) Sheriff Abe Andres went to a slum area in Davao City to execute a demolition order after the private owner of the property won over an eviction case. Before the actual demolition could be carried out, an exhausted Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, who just came from a relief operations, arrived on site steaming with anger.

Unable to get a postponement of the demolition order from the Court, Duterte faced Andres and asked (not gently, though) to give the residents two more hours to properly vacate the area. But Andres was eager to carry out the order immediately. That’s when the mayor’s nostrils started to flare up and the rest, as you know it, is history.

I will definitely not forget this one.

Many have already given their reactions on the incident. The one thing that I agree on is that it is understandable that Duterte was not able to contain her anger towards Andres considering all the circumstances before the brawl. In fact, I’d say that she was not angry, she was just overly frustrated over things.

She was at a relief operations before the incident, helping her typhoon-hammered constituents, when this another problem came about. She was under a lot of stress at that time.

The punching (the first punch, that is), for me, is reasonable. She needed to release the tension, and anyone who’s in that situation may also become a little bit violent. That’s human nature. Those who have the guts to be a little bit rough will show some abrasiveness, than merely drop a tear or two.

But the rage, that is a different story. After one strong blow, she should have stopped. That’s not anymore excusable. Being a public official, she is a representative of “a government of law and not of men”. She should have faced the issue with Andres civilly and not brutally knock Andres’ face.

And here’s another episode of the incident that had me beleaguered.

Andres already stayed out of Duterte's reach, but she commanded her men to get him back to her.

Her guards braced Andres in the neck.

When the guards took Andres back to Duterte, she tweaked Andres' hair.

All of these were done by Duterte while her guards were clutching Andres.

The Aftermath

– Duterte brought Andres to the hospital and paid for the bills. (^_^)
– She has not issued a public apology yet. Her lawyers prevented her from speaking to the media. (>_<)'
– The Court issued a 10-day temporary restraining order on the demolition citing judicial courtesy and to avoid further violence. (-_-)Zzzz
– Andres suffered a black-eye, but will not file charges against Duterte because he understood the mayor’s sentiments. (-_-)’
– Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, although laughing at the video, said he will seriously investigate on the matter and check if there had been act of misconduct on the part of the mayor. W(-L-)W

In fairness to Duterte

She has command of everyone. (or everyone is afraid of her?)

Before the sparring session with Andres, she arrived at the shanty with great courage and literally brought the mob to their knees…

and their arms raised!

Although she was angry with the demolition team that they were not able to control the situation, she was equally angry with the residents who resisted the demolition and fought back (by throwing rocks and bottles and even launching several arrows, one of which hit a policeman’s leg). At the top of her voice, she cursed at them and ordered them to the ground.

Well, violence cannot be deterred with another violence.


The Davao Death Squad may be a myth, but Sara Duterte is a reality. 😛


coach_potat0: Astig ang anak ng hommie kong si Sarah Duterte! Dapat lang yun. Konting oras lang hinihingi ‘di pa pinagbigyan.

jayceeRepublic: Tawa ako sa reaksyon ni Mayor Duterte eh. Ang astig nya. :))

marvingil: @CheckLit Rody Duterte aka The Punisher. Inday Sara Duterte aka The Puncher

mygoodriddance: Oh mayor Duterte Can kick@ss just like that! Hi5! Em gonna raise my hand on the roof and say woot!

DearShiiena: http://t.co/v4sMFsd IKAW NA TALAGA MAYOR DUTERTE !! :)) SAYO NA LAHAT, IKAW NA .. THE BEST KA !!

OfficialJohnKay: Mayor Duterte.. kinda warfreak.

icheb: Agree! RT @makemaqsmile: @bayanmo A punching mayor is better than a corrupt mayor. OH! WATCHA SAY!?? MAYOR DUTERTE FOR THE WIN!

IMGoryo: RT @mitwistedworld: Next best PPV attraction: Sarangani’s Pacman vs. Davao’s Sara “Sweet Slugger” Duterte!

Video screencaps courtesy of Solar Sports ANC (via Youtube).


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