Too young to judge, too slow to expect Tuwid na Landas?

On the first year anniversary of President Noynoy’s promises of Tuwid na Landas (Straight Path) and Kung Walang Kurap, Walang Mahirap (No Corruption, No Poverty), several personalities have shared their sentiments over his one year performance (syndicated without permission from Manong Ernie Maceda’s column in Philippine Star).

1. Archbishop Oscar Cruz – no achievement except for wang-wang;

Me – A good start in creating the perception of discipline, but a better act is to quit smoking.

2. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – nobody home, the economy decelerating;

Me – Last year, it was “Everyone’s home (in the palace), wreaking havoc.”</


3. Sergio Ortiz Luis, PCCI president – there is still corruption;

Me – I agree; and it looks like PNoy, like Gloria, seems to be protecting some of them despite Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s recommendation of dismissal and prosecution.”

4. Senator Chiz Escudero – not slow but deliberate;

Me – Here’s the dilemma of efficiency over effectiveness. I say, achieving the ideal outcome without any regard of time is not good. Time is of the essence. It’s better to manage the reduction of corruption within a year than to attain zero corruption as soon as they can. And don’t pursue Kris.

5. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile – only one year, give him more time;

Me – Agree, but I hope PNoy gives a timeline.

6. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano – low grade in curbing corruption;

Me – Ahuh.

7. Sen. Manuel Villar – the economic growth did not improve the lot of the poor;

Me – Ikaw na ang para sa mahirap.

8. Migrante (International) – 65 percent, failed to protect OFWs in the Middle East;

Me – 65% is not bad for a first year. Let’s see how PNoy will act on Saudi’s Saudization policy. There are more than one million OFWs in Saudi Arabia.

9. Harvey Keh, Kaya Natin president – 85 percent grade;

Me – Not bad.

10. Rigoberto Tiglao – the Porsche presidency, idiosyncratically, sybaritic image;

Me – Nasenbluten! What can you say about a Le Cirque presidency, which had a more peculiar and distinct image of lavishly having sumptuous dinners and a habit of giving gifts (in the form of cash, pork barrel, mouth-watering government positions, and Pajeros) to friends and potential foes alike?

11. Katrina Legarda – law professor, not just well intentioned, capable. I am not unhappy;

Me – Yeah. Remember, it had all been unplanned. Yet, there had been marked stability in the country.

12. Solita Monsod – out of 10 point agenda, passing grade is only in 3 promises. At a scale of 1-10, 10 for zero based budgeting, 0 for failure to submit the Freedom of Information bill, 4 for the administration of justice, among others.

Me – True, but I’d give a lower grade in the administration of justice. He’s too lax in admonishing his friends who clearly made a mistake.

13. Alex Magno, UP professor – the President is unduly defensive;

Me – Hi Ino! (Wala akong ma-comment e.)

14. Nines Cacho Olivarez, Tribune editor – he is really a do-nothing President;

Me – Ouch.

15. Ernesto Hilario, Business Mirror columnist – Mr. Aquino is fast emerging as a traditional politician who doesn’t think twice about rewarding his allies and supporters with the spoils of victory;

Me – He was a trapo in the Senate, then became a hero in the presidential elections. His father used to be a trapo, too, who became a hero during his war against corruption and human rights violation. The difference: Ninoy’s heroism was immortalized by his death. Noynoy’s heroism is slowly becoming a mere public perception. He must act immediately.

16. (Quezon) Congressman Danny Suarez – expect the worst;

Me – Trust me, we have seen the worst of this country (disregarding the Martial Law era). The worst of Noynoy may only be a dirt under the nails of GMA.

17. Gabriela Party List Rep. Luz Ilagan – stop being emotional and onion skinned. He should be open to criticisms;

Me – I think he’s fairly open to criticisms. It’s just that he shows a lot of concern in very irrelevant issues (like his lovelife).

18. Emil Jurado, Standard Today columnist – there is disenchantment and frustration in the air.

Me – That’s always the case a year after any presidential elections.

19. Felino Palafox Jr., MAP president – barely passing mark of 75 percent.

Me – At least! But I’d give PNoy 75%.

To be generous, it was an uninspiring performance. – Ernesto Maceda

Me – PNoy did a nice job, not a source of national pride. Disheartening, but at least not appalling.

I’m sorry for flooding my face.


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