UST’s new logo too much ‘black, gold, black, white’?

13th and current UST Logo (Photo from Wikipedia)

UST (University of Santo Tomas) has unveiled a new logo, but many Thomasians are not exactly excited about it.

The new design encloses the University seal in a circle set in yellow. The outer black ring contains the words “UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS” and “MANILA 1611” in white color. The old shield-like seal is retained and placed at the center.

According to a memorandum issued by Secretary General Fr. Florentino Bolo, Jr., O.P., last June 21, the Council of Regents approved the revised design in a meeting that same day.
The Varsitarian

New Logo (Photo from The Varsitarian)

I don’t know, I really have no comment on this. I can’t find a good reason why I should not like the new logo. But I do like the current one. It’s beautiful.

I guess, the new logo has too much black and gold?

Yeah, UST has been associated with those two colors. In fact, blue was never linked to the University. But everytime I see that distinct blue background with the big sun at its center, nevermind the other symbols, I only think of Pontificia et Regala Universitas Santi Thomae Aquinatis de Manilana.


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