I hope they were just misquoted

It is just a coincidence that all three issues here involve PNoy.

Former president, now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on PNoy’s leadership


“I left the economy with sustainable growth. That’s the problem. That’s the problem because if there is no more spending, that contributes to deceleration… During my time, inflation rate was slowest among administration. Now all prices going up sharply… Even the score of the Philippines in corruption is going up.


* IMPSA (Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona Sociedad Anonima) Hydro-electric Power Plant $14 M kickback, divulged by Mark Jimenez
* Jose Pidal Bank Account P321 M election money laundering


* Hidden Wealth in San Francisco worth $7.1 M
* Mikey Arroyo’s imported horses worth millions
* President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard P536M overpricing
* NAIA 3/PIATCo contract anomaly worth $100M in kickbacks
* PAGCOR cash cow expose
* Jancom Encironment Contract anomaly and overpricing
* Agri Fund worth P728 M in Ginintuang Masaganang Ani used for election campaign funds
* PHILHEALTH cards used for campaign
* Manny Pacquiao Las Vegas Suite worth $20,000 per night used by Mike Arroyo
* Jueteng operations via Bong Pineda
* Venable Contract Norberto Gonzales
* JocJoc Bolante fertilizer scam
* Comelec Automated Counting Machine scandal
* Rigging of elections 2004 and 2006 Maguindanao Hello Garci
* Extrajudicial Killings
(from Symbianize)

May I add the Dioscopo Napacamahal! Boulevard (officially known as Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, named after her father), which was built at a cost of around half a billion pesos per kilometer.

Yeah, probably she’s right in saying that these allegations have not yet been proven. But they have not been cleared, as well.

President Noynoy Aquino on his official family

They were this big, man! *weet whew*

Sa totoo lang ho, mayroon kasing mga ibang miyembro ng Gabinete—mga dalawa, tatlo—kada makita ko, kaagad iniisip ko, ‘Ano kayang bad news ang dala-dala nito?’ Pero si Secretary Babes Singson, si [DOST] Secretary Mario Montejo, at marami pang iba; pati na si [Budget] Secretary [Butch] Abad: pag nakikita ko, kadalasan, solusyon ang tangan-tangan.”

(“To be honest, there are several members of my Cabinet—two or three of them—that everytime I see them, I would think, ‘What bad news could he be bringing?’ But Secretary Babes Singson, Secretary Mario Montejo, and other (Cabinet secretaries); even Secretary Abad: everytime we meet, they always have solutions with them.”)

I think he just sent a wrong signal here to the entire nation. A very dangerous signal at that.

Is he saying that he’s trying to avoid bad news?

The role of the president, in the mind of a poor Filipino, is to solve problems, to address bad news. If he is avoiding bad news, then he is delaying the solutions to problems.

But let me play Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda’s advocate here. Probably, what the President meant is that when a Cabinet member (CM) approaches him, he doesn’t want to hear just the bad news. He wants to hear that the CM has a solution to a problem. Read the sample lines below:

CM1: Mr. President, we have a problem.
CM2: Mr. President, I have a solution.

Both members tell the president that there is a problem. But CM1 delivered it in the negative, and CM2 in the positive. If this scenario is what the President meant, then I have to agree with PNoy. If I am the president, I want to hear that before you raise an issue to me, you have already made your own analysis of it and devised your own way to solve it.

But then this (a continuation of his speech):

Kaya naman pag humingi ng appointment, mabilis pa sa alas-kuwatro natin ina-approve iyan… Iyong iba ho, ipinipilit ko na lang po na harapin, dahil talagang, kako itong taong ito, talagang penitensya ko na yata sa mundong ito, kaya OK na lang.

(That’s why when they (the bringers of good news) ask for an appointment (with me), I immediately approve it. With some Cabinet members, I find it hard to meet with them, because, in my opinion, this person may just be my penitence, which makes it OK.)

Is he saying that he’s very reluctant to meet his men who uncovered a bad news and hesitant to hear them? That sounded favoritism. What’s worse is that he considers these bringers of bad news as his personal punishment. This renders the result of my earlier Lacierda’s advocate role-play irrelevant.

Why, because what PNoy just said has implications in the performance of some of his men. It’s not that these Cabinet members don’t have solutions with them. They are the problems of PNoy.

What’s even worse is that, according to Ted Failon, a radio commentator, the President just put his Cabinet members to shame. It’s like a father telling his visitors that “Here are my good children. The bad ones are in their rooms.”

Cotabato City Mayor Japal Guiani on PNoy’s empty hand


“I think he just came to visit. There was no immediate answer dun sa mga pinresent na problema. The problem was only noted.”

Ang japal ng fez mo te!

Relief goods stocked in the warehouse of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) could not be immediately distributed to the people due to lack of personnel. Now, dear Japal, why don’t you, instead of opening your palms up waiting for the president to give you lollipops, help the DSWD in distributing the relief goods. OK?


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