Being matured and gay doesn’t have to mean being stupid

… and that should be true in any aspect.

Ricky Rivero

In an episode of The Buzz, Boy Abunda, a truly respected host, suddenly harangued everyone who blamed Ricky Rivero for his own demise.

To recap, ABS-CBN TV director Ricky Rivero was stabbed several times by a certain Hans Ivan Ruiz after Rivero refused to give him money. They only met via Faceboook and Rivero invited Ruiz to his apartment. In several occasions, Rivero denied having sexual relations with Ruiz.

Hans Ivan Ruiz

Then here’s Boy Abunda. With his voice raised, he told everyone to stop blaming Rivero. He said that Rivero is a matured man and that he can do whatever he wants to do, he can meet anyone he wants to meet, he can befriend anyone he wants and that no one has the right to take advantage of his kindness nor has the right to hurt anyone.

Then he started raising the issue of discrimination against LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transvestite). He reiterated the need for a law that would protect the rights of the gays against discrimination, that tolerance to gays should be respected.

Boy Abunda

My turn. Boy, I agree with you in several things.

Yes, Ruiz doesn’t have the right to take advantage of Rivero’s kindness.
Yes, Ruiz doesn’t have the right to kill Rivero for whatever reason or for no reason.
Yes, given Rivero’s age, he is, or rather “should be”, a matured person. Thus, his actions, as long as they are not illegal, should be left alone. He has the right to do whatever he wants to do, to meet anyone he wants, to befriend anyone.
Yes, Rivero should not have suffered from such traumatic incident.

Now, if you are a matured person, would you invite to your house someone you only met online?

If you answer yes, I say that is not maturity. At least, in my view.

Remember, when we were just kids, we were taught by our parents and teachers not to talk to strangers. Do you remember that? I’m sure your mother told you that. In my case, I don’t remember my mom telling me that, but I learned that in school. I’m sure you’ve gone to elementary school.

Discrimination against homosexuals. Yes, it does exist in several forms. For one, straight men getting afraid or irritated being in the same room with a gay guy only because he is gay is discrimination. Women getting angry if someone tells them that they look like gay is discrimination.

I will not delve further into the various scenarios showing homosexual intolerance. There are many of them. Let me focus on one, which Abunda claims as discrimination against gays and which he claims is a valid proof that a law must be passed in favor of them.

Boy, this is not an issue of gender discrimination. That is my straight answer. No pun intended.

If the same happens to a woman, where the suspect is a straight man, a lesbian, or a gay man, can she raise the issue of sexual discrimination? Ultra-feminist groups will say yes.

If the same happens to a man, where the suspect is a straight woman, a lesbian, or a gay man, can he raise the issue of sexual discrimination? I bet no one will. And if there will be any, I’m sure it will be brushed off by society.

If yes, then let us urge the Congress to repeal the Criminal Code of the Philippines and replace it instead with an Anti-Discrimination Law. That one law should be enough to cover all crimes against persons.

Or we can just learn how to act like a real matured person. This one’s simpler.

What happened to Rivero can also happen to a straight guy who invites an online friend to his house.
What happened to Rivero did not happen because he is gay.
What happened to Rivero is a simple and pitiful case of lack of restraint and/or overflowing of excitement (in whatever there is to overflow).

By the way, I found this article related to the above incident.

I have no responsibility in the "facts" written in the above article.


Do you guys listen to Dr. Love of DZMM (ABS-CBN’s radio arm)? One of his advice that I really like is this: ‘Pag nakaramdam ka ng init, maligo nang malamig na tubig.


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